April 05, 2003
Writing (Fri and so far Sat)

Crits: 4
Words: the big zip

Well, I got one crit done last night and three today so far. I'm enjoying reading through things, and finding some fascinating stuff on the workshop that while yeah, it needs polishing, it is also very unique and interesting. I'm also shifting around my crit style for some things. Sometimes I do my usual sentence by sentence crit where I dive right on in and go deep, and sometimes I do a more overall thematic sort of crit. Its kind of fun learning my own review style.

Dreamwalker is hammering around inside my head. Did I blog about it getting its first bad review? Dunno... but it's like it's broken a dam and now well, I want to write, but it's hard to find the time to do so with the two kids and all. We're housebound today and I keep escaping upstairs to do things (I should clean the bathroom among other things, not to mention the rest of the upstairs of the house). Tomorrow we can get out and about and do the shopping and all. Today is play with the kids and do laundry and relax day. Oh yeah, there's another stat -- loads of laundry: 3 so far.

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