April 05, 2003
Ambercon Quotes

I was going to do a whole in depth Ambercon review, but well, the best thing I can say was OHMIGOD that was FANTASTIC. I didn't have a bad game all weekend.

Amusingly, the game that got the most quotes, I think, was the one that started with the GM stating that his game would have no quotes... (and thanks to Tina for helping me get them!).

I've got quotes from five games:

Thursday Night -- Brand New World.
Friday Morning -- Ad Amber Per Astra II
Friday Night -- To 'Scape the Serpents Tongue
Saturday Morning -- Unto the Third Generation
Sunday Afternoon -- One Uncle Fell Down the Well...

Since this'll be a long post, I'm putting the actual quotes after the "more..."

Brand New World
GM: Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman

All children of Brand and Dara, after the founding of Amber-Chaos at the end of the war.

Clarissa (990) -- Jen Crice -- the eldest, secretary to the king and queen
Mikail (975) -- Stormy (Scott Whitney)-- the Minister of Labor, or a slaver outside of Amber
T'Soona (903) -- Leslie Lightfoot -- the plains Indian wanderer
Cecil (632) -- Patrick Franklin -- one of Bleys' generals
Morganna (200+) -- Bridgette Ruggles -- the "odd child"
Lily (117) -- Deb Atwood -- bubbly & happy & a member of Julian's Wild Hunt
Keylley (45) -- Jill Pritts -- artist/dreamer
Aislinn (16) -- BriAnne Searles -- the spooky child

Aislinn: "I think this may be fantastically stupid." Pause. "On the other hand, if we die, we don't have to go to the party."
Morganna: "Unless Mikail gets ahold of our bodies."

Leslie: "Did you guys blow up a cow?"
Bridgette: "Yeah..."

Jen: "You don't have spiders in your room in Amber. You have demons."

Bridgette: "So long as there's flailing and screaming it'll have the right effect."

Leslie: "Dara uses a completely different aftershave."

Jen: "A gay, mooing clone of Brand?"

GM: "You hear shattering porcelain. No happy meaty bullet sounds."

[After Lily spends several minutes threatening Julian and being threatened in return...]
Julian: "Lily, have you seen Benedict angry?"
Lily: "No." Pause. "I've seen him pruning grapes."

Ad Amber per Astra II
GM: Paul Weimer

Thomas -- Mike Trout -- parentage unknown, has walked Pattern, one of Benedict's officers
Rhionde -- Mike LeVay -- daughter of unknown, a little odd in society, new to Amber
Brian -- Marvin Allen -- son of Llewella, assisted Gerard during Patternfall War
Calico -- Bridgette Ruggles -- in and about, incognito
Honor -- Keith Cripe -- ward of Benedict, found in Avalon centuries ago
Agian Aoifeson -- Jenn Woelke -- son of unknown
Melisanthe -- Deb Atwood -- daughter of Random

"It's not so strong as Dad's thingy." -- Melisanthe

"Even I have to draw the line somewhere." *grins* "Not many." -- Calico

"Ooh, my pouch wiggled." -- Melisanthe
"I can think of someplace to put that." -- Calico

"Just close your eyes if it gets too painful." -- Melisanthe to Agian

"I don't need to know what else she does well." -- Calico
"We need horses." -- Agian

"Calico's dressed in chocolate colored leather." -- Bridgette
"Chocolate covered what?" -- Jenn

"Drawing Benedict out is like trying to drink flame; you're going to get burned." -- GM

"May your hellride be longer and more interesting than ours." -- Melisanthe
*dryly* "Thanks." -- Honor

"I'm cute but clueless." -- Mike, about Rhionde

"So you have a plan for execution?" -- Melisanthe
"No, they don't plan to be executed." -- Jenn

"There appears to be a large open shaft which some of the elves enter and float up." -- GM
"So we take the prisoners to be shafted." -- Deb

To 'Scape the Serpent's Tongue
GMs: Deb Atwood & Bridgette Ruggles

The cast... in order of appearance...

Puck -- Emma Sansome
Hermia -- Mike LaVey
Lysander -- Paul Weimer
Demetrius -- Paul Burdick
Helena -- Sasha Burdick
Theseus -- Scott Olson
Hippolyta -- Dana Bayer
Bottom -- Ben Bernard

Speaking of Theseus...
GM Deb: "What dagger does he have?"
Dana: "Besides his dagger of love?"

GM Deb: "And Bottom is now a duck."
GM Bridgette: "But Titania likes the little nibbly parts."

Bottom: "I'm very useful! I can fix things! I can screw things in!"

To Lysander and Hermia (who have been caught in the act...)
Hippolyta: "Withdraw thy sword and sheathe it!"

Titania: "He's mine and I'm keeping him."
Oberon: "Who? This mortal?"
Bottom: "Quack."

[Describing Titania]
GM Bridgette: "And she is completely naked."
Theseus: "Doesn't bother me."
Hippolyta: "Not me either."

Ben: "Bottom starts climbing the tree."
Paul B.: "It may not be what it's quacked up to be."

Bottom: "I am but a lonely traveler in the night."
Titania: "I heard that before."
Bottom: "It worked the last time."

Oberon: "She is not what you are here to do!"
Demetrius: "I beg to differ."

Helena: "And we should all work together... but I am NOT going up there!"

Demetrius: "I can't slap him around now??"
Oberon: "No."
Demetrius: "But he made me gay!!!"

Theseus: "We might want to know her."
Lysander: "Bottom already did."

Unto the Third Generation
GM: DJ Quinn

Rachel Holmberg -- Azrael, of House Gerard (or Julian as she calls it)
David DeJong -- Percival, of House Gerard
Fiona Morales -- Lily, of House Clarissa
Liz Trumitch -- Valentine, granddaughter of Bleys, daughter of the King of Begma
BriAnne Searles -- Ophelia, granddaughter of Llewella
Jenn Woelke -- Aoife, granddaughter of Gideon (pre-Benedict Oberon son)
Deb Atwood -- Meredith, unknown

Percival: "I am sorry I failed in my quest."
Valentine: "It's not over yet."
Rachel: "You have an eternity. Go. Fetch."

David: "What is the proper title for a regent?"
GM: "Jason has told you it is not 'Babe'."

Referring to Jason:
Ophelia : "I've never met anyone with a head that empty."

About House Gerard:
Rachel : "It's the house of social ineptitude!"

Regarding the impending invasion by Flora...
GM as Walker: "That would be colorful."
Valentine: "I'm sure they would wear something that color coordinates with blood, but I don't think they should be underestimated."

Ophelia: "Now we not only can't trust the people, we can't trust the plants!"

Ophelia: "In the future, could you try to refrain from blowing up part of the castle?"

Discussing the color of Meredith's dress...
Jenn: *holds up dark purple grape to the light* "Like this?"
Deb: "Yes, she's wearing that."
BriAnne: "She's wearing a grape??"

Azrael: "I mean, how long could you wield a broadsword and a mug?"

Rachel: "Why doesn't anybody make sweet mind mind love?"

Valentine: "Never trust the dumb ones."

One Uncle...
GM: Dana Bayer

Deb Atwood -- Jenny, daughter of Fiona
Rain Donaldson -- Crystal, daughter of Fiona
Trish Hart -- Kirys, daughter of Caine
Tina Gilman -- Julianna, daughter of Caine
DJ Quinn -- Lexie, daughter of Bleys
BriAnne Searles -- Bryony, daughter of Flora
Jarod Van Kirk -- Nerissa, daughter of Gerard

"No quotes in my game." -- GM

"Bleys was found in bed, naked, no sign of anyone else. Rigor mortis had apparently already set in." -- GM

"Bryony is the daughter of Flora and therefore prettier than all of you." -- BriAnne

"Are you trying to tell me Random has tact and knows when to keep his mouth shut?" -- Jenny
"You have a point." -- Crystal

"I'm not a mad scientist. I'm a mad alchemist. There's a difference." -- Crystal

"Gee, Dad. Secretive. Imagine." -- Lexie, about Bleys

"I spent all the points on battery and not enough points on power." -- Deb
*grins* "So did Lexie." -- DJ
"D cells don't count, dear." -- Jarod

"You're going to lie to your favorite uncle? That's no way to build a relationship." -- Crystal
"I'm not going to lie. I'm going to take the heat. There's a difference." -- Jenny

"I'm not sneaky." -- Julianna
"I'm not trouble." -- Jenny
"Don't look at me." -- Lexie

"I'm here because Fiona was with the bodies." -- Lexie

"Benedict sweeps across the table, clears a spot, and throws her body up on the table and rips her dress open..." -- GM to Nerissa

"You forget, this is a social event. I didn't think a mere poisoning was enough to concern you." -- Mandor to Random, during the formal dinner

"She can wrap her legs around behind her head." -- Jarod, about Nerissa
"Why would you want to points into that?" -- ??

"So are Lexie and Nerissa a couple?" -- Rain
"She's not butch, she's athletic." -- Jarod

"She doesn't often wear dresses." -- Tina
"So she wears pants or wanders around naked?" -- GM

"You can establish Lexie's location by the screams." -- DJ
"Please or pain? Or both?" -- Tina
"Yes." -- DJ & Deb

"No one trusts my mom." -- Crystal
"It's not not trusting. It's independent verification." -- Kirys

"I want my murderer found!" -- GM
"He's my murderer, and I lost him, and I want him found!" -- Deb

"I trust you. I just don't trust the shapeshifter that's impersonating you." -- Crystal

"Where's Julian? Where's Random? And yes, I'm talking to the horse." -- Jenny

"Fiona is gonna peel my mind like a grape." -- Lexie

"If Lexie weren't acting suspicious I would be more suspicious." -- Crystal

"Like I've said before, endurance is the stat of sex, warfare is the stat of kinky sex." -- DJ

"Anyone want to drag me off? Use and abuse me?" -- GM

"I've got trumps stored in all kinds of places so they don't get stolen. I..." *pause* *glares at everyone* "Stop that!" -- Jenny

"I'm trying to decide what Random's going to do." -- GM
"Kick. Your. Ass." -- Lexie

"We have a plan and it's actually subtle this time." -- Jenny

"Injuring GM. Instant Bad Stuff!" -- Trish

"Part of the reason I thought Bleys was retarded the way he was..." -- Crystal

"That would mean she had a Trump of [Bleys] bed." -- Julianna
"Well, I wouldn't be surprised if my sister had a trump of his bed." -- Crystal

"Aunt Flora walks around with a grenade in her purse." -- Kirys
"She scares me." -- Julianna

"Where's Random, Jenny?" -- GM
"Closeted." -- Jenny
"You know, I've always suspected that." -- Crystal

"Something icky this way comes." -- Jenny & Nerissa

"I'm getting pissed and learning how to shapeshift so I can be a guy." -- Jenny

"Demon vomit?" -- Julianna
"Possibly." -- Nerissa
"Ew." -- Julianna

"We went from silver to demon spit. I'd like to get the rest of the sentence filled in." -- Lexie

"Trumping a demon. Ow." -- Nerissa

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