April 06, 2003
Always trust in Jenn

So, at ACUS Jenn made pork chops in this marinade, that were supposed to be lamb chops but I don't like lamb so she did pork instead. Neither does Kev, so it isn't something we cook in our house. And I was wary of trying it at ACUS when there weren't any other options.

But both Jenn and Michael told me that the marinade was much better with lamb (it was already good with pork!). Which I told Kev. And today, while we were out shopping Kev suggested we pick up some lamb chops and give it a whirl.

So we did.

And the marinade was SO different with lamb. It was good. Still not my favorite meat, but the marinade was worth it. I don't have cardamom, so instead of the cardamom and cumin I used a tandoori spice blend I have. It worked out great, served with Thai sticky rice. Yummy yummy dinner.

THANKS Jenn! *grins*

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