April 07, 2003
Book Review -- Ill Met by Moonlight

Ill Met by Moonlight
by Sarah A. Hoyt
paperback from Ace, October 2002

And now for something completely different... and I don't mean that in the funny sense, either. This book is a breath of fresh air, a complete change from what I usually read. And if you love Shakespeare, you'll love it.

Ill Met by Moonlight speculates upon what might have inspired Shakespeare in his more mystical elements in his plays. It is a lovely story of what happens when Will's wife is stolen away and Shakespeare must treat with the elven folk in order to win back his Nan.

The story is delightfully told in the style and speech so reminiscent of the works of Shakespeare. There are many quotes within it that are instantly recognizable from his plays. For anyone who loves his work, it is a lot of fun to read it and spot the quotes, and see how his works influenced this story, which in turn is showing how Will was influenced himself. Twisty goodness there.

There is a next novel, which I'll need to check out when it finally makes it into paperback. It was quick, pleasant, and entertaining. All good things.

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