April 13, 2003
Disappearing fish??

Okay, now this is just plain weird. Dani has a fish tank. You all know that already. Well, a while back, we bought four neon tetras for it. Yet a couple of weeks ago, Kev and I both noticed there were only two. No floaters. No sinkers. Just only two, instead of four. Ohhhhkay. That was weird.

I noted that one of the bleeding heart tetras was bigger. But the thought of them being carnivorous was just too bizarre.

We figured the next time we gave the tank a full cleaning we'd find them, probably either hiding consistently (which we doubted) or at least little bodies in some corner somewhere.

So today was the day. We did a full cleaning on the tank, including pulling out all the little coral and castle and stuff. No little fishies. And worse yet... the gold algae eater, which was there last night!, is now missing. And yes, it was missing before we cleaned the tank. All the other fishies look pretty normal (the kittiefishie might be a little bigger) but the algae eater is just plain MISSING.

It's like the tank has turned into a black hole somewhere in there. Usually when I say "we've lost a fish" I mean it died and went to flushing heaven. But this time... we've really just plain lost the fish!

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