April 15, 2003
Mystery Solved

...and Julia was quite right. It was the cat.

We pieced it together last night, when Kevin found the algae eater. It had fallen out of the tank, onto the floor (how I missed this Sunday when we cleaned the tank, I do not know). At this point, I began to remember events from a few nights ago. It was after Kevin went upstairs to bed, long after Dani was asleep...

There was a clatter, which at first I thought came from Dani's room, and Athena trotted into the living room. The clatter was unsurprising -- Dani's room is a MESS and it doesn't take much to knock something over. Then a little while later I realized Athena was damp, and figured I'd been wrong -- she'd been in the tub getting a drink (normal for her) and knocked the tub toys around.

Now I figure what happened was this. She leapt up on top of the tank. Which is, btw, four feet off the ground with nothing nearby to leap from, and the cat is um, 15 years old. So I didn't even think she could do that without making huge noises. There is a hole in the back of the lid, where the pump goes in. Athena must've gone fishing there, and scooped out the algae eater (which must've been near the top at the time -- rare for it -- or else she REALLY dipped down in). But she flipped it instead of catching it, and in the process of jumping down made a rattle and since she was doing something she wasn't supposed to, she ran away from it and never went back to clean up her mess.

She must've been neater when she got the tetras.

The surprise was that she could get up there. This cat misses the couch sometimes! Also she has NEVER shown interest in the tank that I've noticed. Hells, she doesn't even really like Dani's room. But I think that because Dani left the light to the tank on, it became this really neat brightly lit point in a dark room at the time of night when Athena was in hunting mode. As long as the light remains off, I think the fishies will be safe.

I hope. Otherwise this could become an annoyingly expensive kitty buffet!!

Kev's going to go get a new algae eater and probably a new molly (to replace the one that died ages ago) on Thursday. Something to cheer Dani up. She doesn't know Athena did it, and we're not going to mention that part. But she does know the algae eater is gone, and is depressed about it.

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