April 27, 2003
guilt of an empty blog

Okay, there is an amazing sense of guilt when I open my own page and realize...

It's blank.


I've been busy. I know, I know, same old excuse. Tired excuse, really. And a tired me. Work's insane. I'm running flat out and the end of the marathon is still a WAYS away. Today I'm writing spec sheets. Yes, its Sunday, but I need them ready for Monday morning. Which means finishing them up this weekend. I'm blowing off the laundry and Kevin's offered to handle the kitchen so I can get these done.

So these five minutes stolen from work probably aren't in my best interest.

I'm trying to finish up this afternoon so I can do the Sunday evening writing exercise on the workshop chat room. My writing's been getting lost (again) so I've done some focusing on that this weekend as well. Sent "Metamorphosis" and "Fade" both out to markets. Figure I'll hear back before I want to. *smiles* If its good news, I'll be pleasantly surprised. In the meantime, I need to work hard. I'll never find them homes if I don't get them revised and OUT THE BLOODY DOOR.

Which would be why I've been focussing on that. I've got revs to complete for "In the Flickering Light" and for "Choices". I love "Choices" really, but can't find a good market for it. Kev wants me to send it to Weird Tales, and I think that'll be my first stop, but I'm not sure its right.

I think I've figured out that I'm not normal enough for the low end markets and too normal for the high end markets and not nearly literary enough for the literary markets.

I must be writing for myself. *smiles* Which is true, really. But it would be nice to get paid occassionally too!!

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