April 29, 2003
trying something new

Well, last night I wrote my first piece of flash. Okay, so I need to trim a few words out of it to get it perfectly under 500 words to be TRUE flash, but it clocked in at 510 when I was done. I felt pretty impressed with myself so I posted it because I was curious what sorts of reactions it would get.

And its one of those that leaves me confused. Actually, its getting much the same reactions Fade did. Some people say I should have telegraphed the ending -- foretold it more than I did. Some people like the twist and are only concerned that it isn't believable (that one I can cope with).

But it makes it hard to do revisions. I can definitely see that I need to make each one of those 500 words work harder. After all, I need the twist to be believable when it happens. And it *is* foreshadowed at the beginning, just lightly. I'm not sure I want to make it stronger than that, but if someone's uncomfortable with it, then I haven't done my job as a writer, either.

Urgh. It is much harder to revise a story which has such conflicting results among the readers.

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