April 29, 2003

These days, when someone says something to me like how's it going, my answer always seems to be "working".

When I'm in the Workshop chat room -- I'm distracting myself from working.

When I'm online, I'm working.

Every bloody evening, I'm working.

Last night, I didn't work, but that's only because by the time I was home from work and gymnastics and had kids tucked into bed and I finally got dinner it was already 8:30 and I was wiped.

Tonight, I worked until about 10pm. Finally took a break (am taking a break) but can't marshal the coherence to write or crit. *sighs*

Tomorrow and Thursday evenings I work as well. Thursday will be the worst -- Kev's working late that night too. But I need to have things ready to be off on Friday. I might stop in Friday morning (*sighs*) and say hi to everyone with the peanut in tow and we can drop off spec sheets and then go spend some girl time shopping (yes, she's a girl -- she likes shoes and she likes to shop!) and going to see Lizzie McGuire. Yes, Dani and I are going to see the movie -- she is SO excited. We watch it on the Disney Channel together.

Time to go see if I can find some brainpower to do something useful that isn't work tonight. There's gotta be SOMETHING I can accomplish.

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