May 06, 2003
Market Update

I heard back from the market I sent "Metamorphosis" to -- no dice. But the comments back were good and very complementary, so it was a high point for a rejection. *smiles* I wish I had something else to send her. It was rejected because she didn't feel the horror of the piece. Which makes me think I didn't do the piece right then, so I've got something to look at there. Although I don't really think I should workshop it (that whole erotica problem).

On the other hand, I sent "For You" out the door today. Market says usually a 1-2 week turn-around time, although possibly up to 90 days. I figure that time frame allows for a rejection to arrive on my birthday, which is going to be busy and hell day anyway (first day back to work after being gone 3 days -- oh yeah, its gonna be a GREAT day).

Mmph, getting cynical. *wry smiles*

Anyway, it *does* feel good to get work out the door. If "For You" is rejected, I've already got a few more ideas of places to send it. I'm going to try to keep that one going until I can find it a home, or else have to trunk it for now.

And I still want to finish up revs on "Choices" so I can send that one out. It's time for me to just start circulating stories. Get my name out, hopefully make a decent impression, and maybe, just maybe, make a sale or two!!!

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