May 09, 2003

Kevin and I have been bike shopping. If all goes well, we'll buy a pair (and associated gear) on the way to gaming tomorrow. And then go riding on Sunday (while hauling the kids in a trailer).

I'm really looking forward to this. I've always loved bike riding, and its good for my knees (strengthens the right muscles). Plus, of course, it is much-needed exercise. I know Ryan'll love the trailer. And Dani can switch between trailer and bike because she's not going to be able to really keep up much on her own bike just yet. She got a "new" bike from a yard sale, and she's good at riding it, but she tends to stop after about ten feet with this panicked look of omigod-thatwasfast. *chuckles*

Hopefully we'll finish our searching tomorrow morning -- the shop closed ten minutes after we got there today, but the nice guy spent some time with us anyway. The hardest part is that I'm so bloody short, and bikes don't tend to mostly be as short as me. *sighs*

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