May 10, 2003
Yay, bike!

Woohoo! Kevin and I bought our new bikes. We had to drop a healthy chunk of the savings to do it, but we got decent bikes (sport comfort style) and a trailer for the kids, plus helmets of course. We went gaming this afternoon, almost right after buying the bikes, but we tucked two tired (well, exhausted) kids into the trailer when we got home and took a quick 15 minute ride around the local streets when we got back from the game.

Tomorrow morning we're going to go for a ride down by the river before we come home and get ready for the Mother's Day brunch we're going to with the in-laws. I am really looking forward to it.

My bike's a K2 (Kev's is a Trek) and I just love it. Extremely comfy, with shocks, and a good saddle. Wide tires, but smoother so meant for mild off-road and mostly dirt trails and streets. But it'll handle the bumps without wiping out as long as we don't do mud and wet grass. We got bikes we could take camping with us, and a new bike rack to carry them. We had to upgrade on the rack slightly, because the average rack will dent the back of a mini van. So we got one that braces on the bumper instead of on the hatch, so we can easily support all three bikes. While our bikes are decent light frames, they aren't superlight like racing bikes and pack a decent punch when both on the rack. Still, the rack held them completely still and secure while driving home from Albany to Wynantskill down Route 90 at normal speed, so that was great.

This is like the coolest Mother's Day present.

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