May 11, 2003
Happy Mother's Day

I hope all mothers out there had a wonderful day!!!

My day began by getting up earlier than I'd originally intended. The kids let us sleep in yesterday (all the way until 8:30!). So this morning, since we had an 11am date, we got up at 7am and got the kids up and fed and went down to the trail and rode the bikes.

Whee!! We drove into Albany and the Corning Preserve. I pulled the trailer on the way out, and Kevin pulled it on the way back, and we put in about 40 minutes of good riding. It was a GREAT time and the bike is just fabulous. I'll probably feel it more tomorrow. When we first got home, and I ran upstairs to shower, I really felt it in my thighs. But later I felt fine. It always seems to hit about 24 hours after the exercise, doesn't it? So tomorrow morning climbing the stairs'll be fun.

We went out to brunch at the Elks with Kev's parents. It was nice, and relaxing, until Ry started to meltdown. Dani was amazingly good -- she actually ATE, which is new and different.l

Afterwards was the requisite Sunday grocery shopping, which was quick. The day went downhill a bit from there. It's been pouring, and Ryan's been kind of clingy and a pill and refusing to nap. The kids are very much in the "look at me" mood, which I both love and hate. Sometimes I need a little time to myself, and right now I'm not getting that. What'll make me happy at the end of the day is a little quiet time. *smiles* In between the requisit loads of laundry! Mother's Day or not, it *is* still a weekend after all.

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