May 14, 2003
Market Research & Superstition

I'm intending to get another story out the door today (a different flash piece -- this one already under 500 words, as opposed to "For You" which is still weighing in just over *sighs*).

And I realized I go through some very specific mental steps when sending something out.

As I send it, I imagine the "woohoo!" of getting an acceptance. It's like a daydream thing, nothing that I figure is realistic (after all, a rejection, given the percentages, is far more likely). But I do it, nonetheless, because without it, I'm not sending the piece. If I can't imagine the "woohoo!" I'll end up figuring that the piece isn't worth the "woohoo!" and therefore not worth subbing to the market. Gotta pump myself up and believe in me. *grins*

Then there's the posting to my blog. But I haven't been posting the markets, just the pieces, when I mention subbing. And recently, while trying to figure out how to do better market research, I've seen the advice to read author's blogs to find out where they sub to learn which markets are good.

So why don't I say where I'm subbing? I think it's part superstition. If I don't say, I won't jinx it. I think it's part feelings of inadequacy. You know, the idea of someone saying what are you thinking -- that market is SO above your skills right now. And partly I think it's because if I don't say, then maybe I can stick it at the back of my mind and be pleasantly surprised if something good *does* come of it all.

Now I just need a better title for the flash piece and it can go out the door. Spent all last evening revising it, well, when I wasn't managing to scribble a poor showing of only 200 words into Dreamwalker. Either way, new title or not, out it goes, before I get too scared to do it.

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