May 20, 2003
Bye Bye Buffy

[Here be spoilers]

[I mean it]

[Don't click MORE unless you REALLY want to read them]

[Not like it's a real long discourse on the subject anyway... more just my impressions... but they're still spoilers]

Joss is the master of the understated dark moment. The one thing in the episode that made me cry... a single slash, cutting deeply through Anya on a diagonal, and I just stared at the screen. Hardly believing for a moment that it had happened. And yet it had, and there was nothing more to commemorate it except for Xander's search, and then the moment where Andrew said she was dead. It was... well done.

The episode as a whole? I don't know... I'm reserving full judgement until I have time to process it in my head some more.

I really thought Buffy was going to die.

I really thought Spike was going to live. I read he's supposed to be signed on for Angel next year. Although, as Kevin did point out, Angel does own Wolfram and Hart. And as I pointed out, that's where Angel got the nice pretty for Spike. So that means Angel can get Spike back somehow, I'm sure.

I do wonder what a world full of Slayers means for the mythology of the storylines. Between the big changes in Angel, and the change to the Slayer myth, they've set up a lot of differences that they can explore and exploit next year in Angel.

I'm sort of looking forward to seeing what happens.

And I'm going to remember that one image of Anya.

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