May 21, 2003
Market frustration

Okay, now I know new frustration... submitted a piece out back in April to a market known for long response time. Chose it because well, I was okay with the long response time. Heard back early last week that they couldn't read my RTF file, so I saved it from Wordpad this time and resent it. And of course, I think I'm on the bottom of the pile again for reading. *sighs*

Why is this more frustrating? Because it means I made it that close to the response (negative or positive -- any response is good *smiles*) and then hit the bottom of the pile again. And I am SO not a patient person!! *laughs at self*

In the meantime, gotta revise more short stuff so I can get more things out the door. If I keep sending flash out I'll get quick turnarounds, but I'm not sure that's my best bet. But its certainly easier, in some ways, to revise flash than it is to rework a 3000 word piece.

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