May 31, 2003
new toys

Well, we went out and did a little shopping today just because we were completely and utterly stir-crazy. We were going completely nuts.

Ryan's a climber. And he can actually get up onto the couch now. Which is SO not good, because it means nothing is sacred. And it means he can escape past the baby gate by climbing over the couch. Eek!

So we picked up a little climbing toy -- stairs and slide -- for him. It fits in the living room perfectly, and hopefully it'll keep him occupied. We've gotten so much bloody RAIN lately that we're all a little nuts.

Dani got a few things today. A hula hoop which excited her totally. And we bought the Klutz guide to hair wraps, and tonight I gave her a pretty little hair wrap that she just was SO excited about. It was a fun afternoon.

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