June 13, 2003

Just about time for "Glimmer" to come back -- F&SF has the fastest turn-around time which is pretty good. Less time to agonize over it. *grins*

"For You" is still out, which is good. It wasn't a ten minute reject!!! The site says up to a month turn-around time, which is certainly a dealable wait (been almost a week so far) and they have a submission deadline of 7/1. I'll just keep my fingers crossed on that one. I'm thinking positively. *grins*

I started writing a ghost story, which was supposed to be short and erotica, and is turning out to be neither. I really like it, and I like the voice and style so far, but I have NO clue what to do with it after I finish it. So I figure I need to finish getting it out of my head and then it can either go out to a market (yeah, like there's a market for long ghost stories!) or get shoved into a drawer. *sighs* I hate it when the voices win over practicality! I love writing, but I still dream of selling the stuff I write too. *sighs*

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