June 15, 2003
beautiful day

We began Father's Day in the same way we began Mother's Day, only today we had more time. We went for a wonderfully long bike ride in beautiful weather. We were out for about an hour riding with the kids in tow, and a good half hour or so with Dani tooling around on her own bike. I'm exhausted but feel so good about it.

There were a ton of people on the trail. Dani wants to ride her own bike on the long part of the ride, but she's not ready yet. She rides very slowly still, and can't ride very far. So we do some small riding before and after the long ride.

I think we made about 7 miles today. Kevin really pushed me on the way back, making me work hard, which was great.

Then this afternoon we went buying for our camping trip. We're borrowing a tent this time (we'll buy one next year once the kids are a bit more used to camping -- we're hoping to go at least twice this year, plus visiting a camp). But we picked up lots of useful things. Dani's thrilled because she has her very own camp chair -- and it is PINK. (*sighs*)

Tonight, we do laundry and rest. About half done with the laundry -- behind because last week we couldn't do it. It's hot in this house. Time to put the air conditioning in, but we haven't made it that far yet. Once it's been 80 degrees for a solid week, without dropping back down into the 60s, I think we'll do it. Or when I get just too hot and frustrated and annoyed. *smiles*

But for now, relaxation. More writing, some crits (still way behind on that). Some more market research. I should get more things out this week. It's hard, though. (Still hating the research part... sometimes wondering why I'm so fascinated by this writing thing! *smiles*)

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