June 21, 2003
and the gods win

Overall, we are calling the trip a success. However, the mere fact that I am writing this shows that it wasn't a COMPLETE success.

Dani had a good time, and so did Ryan, which was good. We were worried that Dani was going to wig in the darkness and the bugs and everything, and then when we added this horrendous RAIN to the mix, we were sure it was over. But she had a great time and can't wait to go again. And Ryan was good and cute and enjoyed exploring the campground.

But when Ryan tipped his chair over backwards and Dani slid in the mud and suddenly we were at the point where all the spare clothes I'd brought for cold weather were being worn by the various people (Dani and Ryan each on their third pair of pants, me on my only clean t-shirt because Kevin had stepped on mine in the tent that morning).

When we arrived Friday night we were later than we wanted to be, and using a borrowed tent which took forever to figure out how to set up. No rain-fly either, and we couldn't get any of the tarps up in the dark. So the tent got horridly wet and dripped some inside. So by Saturday afternoon, even after putting up tarps, everything was damp. EVERYTHING. And nothing was drying out. Not even the weather. Every time we thought the rain was going away, it would start dripping, then pouring for a little while.

And the other final straw was the cold. Because of the rain, and the dampness, everyone was cold. Ryan's lips kept going faintly blue from cold, and Dani was freezing, even in layers. And I hadn't anticipated it being quite AS cold as it was. So again, we were out of weather appropriate clothes.

So we packed it in and came home. And I'm sitting on a nice warm couch and had take-out Chinese (we are exhausted -- I slept horridly last night) and relaxing. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my bed.

What did we learn this weekend? Dani loves camping, which is good. We need our own tent, which we know how to set up. Plus we need to get there a little earlier in order to get set up while it's still light out. And no more foul weather camping with the kids until they're a bit older. We would've been fine if it were just Kevin and I, but adapt and overcome becomes a much harder mantra with two kids along.

On the good side...

Dani sat in her new pink (yes, pink) campchair toasting marshmallows and adding sticks to the fire so that it would keep flaming. She loved the fire. And she loved the marshmallows. She had a great time.

Ryan played in mud puddles, dancing along in them and splashing. He explored the woods and had a fit when we didn't let him go into the (VERY COLD) lake.

It was a success. Not a perfect success, but a success. We're going to buy our own familiy size tent and go camping again. Perhaps the weekend that we go to the FAC family fun day in Lake George. And next week we go to the camp which doesn't involve a tent but will still be somewhat similar. Whee!

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