June 30, 2003
itchy itchy

Okay, so as of last night I'm up to 3 pieces out the door and waiting for a return. I should hear from MICROshocks sometime today or tomorrow, I think. He said if we don't hear by July 1st to query. So I will if I don't hear today. Although now I'm terrified that this means he never received my submission! Eek!

*laughs at self*

Yes, I am the very model of a paranoid writer, eh?

Anyway, I revised "The Ring" over the weekend, while at Jenn's camp (BIG blog entry to follow tonight) and sent that out last night. And "Glimmer" is also out. I'm revising "Choices" so I can get that out -- it needs to be below 6000 words first, tho. So it's getting pretty heavily revised.

But right now... I'm just itchy itchy itchy because I'm waiting. And no matter how much I say I'm patient... well, I lied. I'm not. *laughs*

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