July 01, 2003

Finally finished up Chapter 3. This was dragged out of me, kicking and screaming, although at the end it was like I finally got a kick in a ass and it started to flow. It was strange -- at ACUS I cranked out chapter 2 like it was nothing. And then I fell flat. I couldn't seem to write another word. So finally, months later, I managed to dig chapter 3 out of wherever it was lurking inside my head, start to tie a couple of the plotlines together, and I think I'm figuring out where the whole mess is going.

Next stop? I've gotta do some outlining. (Okay, all of you out there who know me, stop laughing! I'm serious!). I've got all these pieces and plots and need to work them together and an outline, however brief, even if its just a timeline of events, is the only way I'm going to do it.

I still want to finish this before the year is out. And then revise. And then submit (*laughs* Okay, if I can get the guts together to do it).

Maybe I should just publish some nice safe short stories first, eh? *grins*

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