July 06, 2003
cute word of the day

So I'm reading the latest Harry Potter book. And the illustration at the beginning of Chapter Six is a house elf. While I was reading Saturday, my son (the 19 month old who tends not to speak all that often, at least not at daycare), pointed to the picture and asked, "What's that?"

I looked at him and said "House elf."

"What's that?"

"House elf."

"What's that?"

"House elf."

"How el?"

I started laughing. Ryan starting flipping pages, saying "house elf" over and over, searching for more house elf pictures. And yes, the word stuck. He will still happily repeat "house elf" and I'm betting he tells daycare about it on Monday and they have no bloody clue what "how el" means. *laughs*

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My favorite of Ian's was "light saber". Of course, he pronounced it "booce ah ha". That caused us untold confusion until we finally figured it out. (The key clue came during our 5,329th viewing of Phantom Menace, when he grabbed a drink straw and tried to fight with it while calling out "booce ah ha"! ("Booce" rhymes with "juice", BTW.)

He's doing better now after months of speech therapy...

Posted by: Brian on July 8, 2003 02:25 PM
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