July 15, 2003

"The Ring" was rejected. Not a great week for rejection... but then, I'd better get used to it, eh? *grins* After all, I'm likely to see a good deal more before I finally get an acceptance. *smiles*

Last night finished revisions on chapter 1 of Dreamwalker. I'm not perfectly happy with the Celia scenes yet, but they're better. Tonight I do email and at least one crit. Tomorrow I revise chapter 2 and get that reposted. Why am I reposting? I was THAT unhappy with the Celia scenes. They had the right stuff in them, but not the right emotions, so they felt funny. And I'm still not perfectly satisfied, but they're getting there. Besides, if I have 1 & 2 up, I don't have to do a summary for chapter 3, which makes life SO much simpler.

Back to work. Way to busy for words this week, and single parenting on top of it. Whee.

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