July 16, 2003
i guess its been productive

I guess it's been a productive night.

I managed to crit three chapters (in one crit - I was behind) for the OWW. Which is good. Since I've only done about 4 crits total since the end of April! Eek!

I've picked my fairy tale for the challenge, and I've been brainstorming through it all day. I should probably make some notes about it, but I've found that sometimes when I make notes the story slips away between the things I've written down and drowns in practicality. So I'm keeping it in my head for now. I'm really wanting to work on it, but I've promised myself that I'll get chapter 2 and chapter 3 of Dreamwalker revised and up on the workshop before that. I'm not too worried about getting more crits on 1 & 2, since I've already gotten crits on those. They're going up partly to get new exposure and partly because well, I wasn't in the mood to write a synopsis. Yet. Although I'll need to once I get the short piece done for the challenge.

Speaking of challenges... Glimmer is still out, and my fingers are still crossed. Fingers, toes, everything! I keep hoping.

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