July 22, 2003
not a happy healthy night

Dani's sick. Ryan's miserable. It's just not a good night.

Dani's got a fever. Kevin thinks it is the same thing Ry had a couple of weeks ago, and if it is, hopefully the fever will break tonight. But right now its a high fever, and its sort of scary and I feel utterly miserable that I can't make it better. I'm waiting to see if it goes down because I gave her motrin. Gods I hope so. I'm going to get up in the middle of the night to check on her again. Trying to keep her from getting dehydrated too.

And Ry... poor kid... got nasty diaper rash last night and it just won't go away so he's a miserable little kid. Let's put it this way -- its bad enough that daycare gave us an accident report for it. *groans* Yet another thing I can't just wave the mommy-wand and make better.

I need that magic wand. I need to make my kids better. I feel so awful. *sighs*

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