July 27, 2003
its been a week...

I haven't posted much. I haven't had much energy, either. It truly has been hell week.

Every time we think we've been to hell and back, some new stress enters our lives. And this past week rolls right on into the new week -- I'm off to Massachusetts to go visit Sungard to get data questions answered for our conversion. The good part? I get to stay with my parents since they're only a half our outside of Bedford. The bad part? I'll be working long days, and then going home and working at night just to stay caught up.

Especially since this past week already messed things up.

It wasn't as bad, workwise, as it could have been. I got nothing done on specs, but did manage to do quite a bit on data issues. So I desperately need to concentrate on specs this week. I should have done so this weekend, but couldn't push myself to do it. Not with Dani still sick.

Yes, still sick. And Ry's still got the diaper rash from hell. They both saw the dr this weekend, which was a help.

For Ry? Nothing we can do. Just keep plastering him with cream and changing him often and praying. Eventually it'll go away, but there's little we can do in the meantime. Well, feeding him lots of bananas, so we've started that.

For Dani? Well, that little one has been through hell this week. And strangely enough, still somehow gained a half pound and a half inch, which is impressive since she ate and drank next to nothing!

On Tuesday she came down with the bug Ry had a couple of weeks ago. It included a MUCH higher fever than Ry, and a whole lot of motrin and tylenol to keep it in check. We got her up every three hours at night for medication. None of us slept much. She threw up every time the fever went up. And we had at least three major peaks, one of which went all the way up to 106.7. Yikes!

On Thursday night it broke. It his 104.9 and then crawled downwards. Friday morning she was fine, and stayed fine all day. Then that afternoon it started to elevate again. We thought it was a relapse, and called the doctor on Saturday since she was high again. So we went in and determined that now she has a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Most likely caused by lack of fluids during the fever, allowing for a nasty little bacterial breeding ground. So we have antibiotics (which are a fight to get her to take) and she's slowly getting better. Today we had most of the day with no fever, and only slight elevation in the evening. Tomorrow she goes back to camp, with motrin to help out just in case, and strict admonitions to take it easy while her body gets used to being active again. Kev's going to try to pick her up a bit early too so she can get home and get some rest.

I feel badly that I'm leaving tomorrow, and he's supposed to call me if she gets worse again.

On Wednesday he came home -- I called him when she hit 105.7 and was shaking and red and starting to get really weird while I was keeping her awake (I made her yell at me -- it worked).

It's been a long week. And Ryan's jealous -- he doesn't understand why Dani's getting all that attention but he's pretty sure it has something to do with the thing we keep sticking in her ear (the thermometer) so he asks us to do it for him too. Which is awfully cute.

So I hit the road at 6am tomorrow for a 3 hour trip to Bedford. It's going to be another long week. With any luck, I'll find time to write and email. I'm hoping to get chapter 4 of Dreamwalker done in that infinite spare time I have. *laughs* Weird to think I've already written 15,000 words. And another chapter will bring me to 20k. I'm figuring about 20 chapters, which'll make 100k, which is a decent length book. Eek! Hm... even outlining and writing character sketches would help this week...

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