August 17, 2003

Finally made it to about 1100 words. So I'm halfway there in the Celia segment. And I've got a vague plan for the chapter, which helps, and it gets two of the three main characters together. Whee!

I've managed to introduce new tension in this chapter, and new confusion. Added another layer to Celia's thoughts about Jay. And soon she'll meet Karen, bring another layer of plot to Celia's dreams, and then the two of them can meet Traci a little later on. Which is when things will start getting really weird.

Okay, the words were like scraping lichen off the tree and then pasting it in place, bit by bit, but I'm starting to get excited again. I feel like maybe I should write a good six or seven chapters more before I post any again, just so I don't get turned around again. I need momentum!!

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