August 19, 2003
mind on walkabout

Okay, my brain has done that thing where it keeps wandering and it's nearly impossible to keep it focussed on the task at hand.

This happens periodically. Usually when I need a vacation (gods know I do). A part of my mind is already allocated to being on the road. To relaxing. To writing.

Dreamwalker is raring at me, wanting me to write it. For the moment I have creativity, and of course, no time to put it to the test. It is a good scene -- Celia's first interaction with Art, which sets the stage for that as well as begins the storyline of the police intersecting with the dreamwalker. Then I'll bring in Karen, and things'll start to really roll from there.

One comment I've gotten so far is that the pacing might be too fast. Which is a shock to me -- I've never written anything that went too fast before! Usually I have such a bad habit of not being able to get past the mundane that I wind up stewing and stewing over bs that has nothing to do with anything and then the whole mess slows down.

But this time I'm just rocketing forward. And sometimes I feel like I'm moving it all too slowly and then someone else says it's too fast and I end up just getting all confused.

As you can see, my brain isn't really here at work today. Damn. It's going to be a very frustrating day!

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