August 19, 2003
cold feet

Okay, I'm nervous.

Tomorrow's my Focus! chat for OWW. I've gotten some really positive reviews and some really negative reviews. They say that those stories that receive conflicting reviews are the ones that sell, but I don't think it's one of those stories. *smiles*

The funny thing is, my biggest question was about whether it was a complete story. Some people say yes, some people say no, and some say yes but not quite it needs these details. I got one of those last ones that was just SO helpful. It's like the review that has me just about ready to pull it and start rewriting it again. Although since I *just* rewrote it, I'm terrified of digging back into it again. I think I'm still a bit too close to it.

But I want to get this one working and out the door. I'm fond of it for some reason. I'd like to see it get picked up somewhere. It's certainly not F&SF grade material. But I hope there's a home somewhere.

But first I have to survive tomorrow night. I've got my thick skin on, and my questions ready, and I'm wondering if I'll get a word in edgewise. *smiles*

Overall, I'm terrified. But I'm also antsy and ready for it and I can't wait. I'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow after dinner I get to go upstairs all by myself and focus on my own Focus! (how's that for cool -- my husband is SO wonderful sometimes).


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