August 20, 2003
time to update the character stuff

Okay, I think it's time for me to get my character pages updated. Some characters still don't have pages after more than a year of play. And I have to admit that some campaigns are dead and gone and not likely to come back, so those characters should be removed or moved to inactive status.

Damara gets to stay current, because she is now in a new campaign. Same character -- she woke up in Tears from the Sun, and is working out wonderfully there, with all her baggage coming right along with her.

I've got a note for Dara, but no page. I've been putting a lot of work into her, getting her ready for The Grand Affair, and she has decided to piggyback on my brain for the moment. So I need to get her page done while she's still fresh in my head. Besides, I have a whole ramble on the concept of instruments (yes, musical) to go there, sparked by a pre-game thread with Random. It's interesting what a character will take to heart sometimes, isn't it? But it has given me some interesting insight into her background and psychology.

the Dreamer is still active. I need to add some more ramblings there, I think... maybe if I can get all my notes together and in one coherent place!

Gale, unfortunately, is gone... I haven't heard from Kat about Blackmoor since it went on hiatus. Which is a pity. I was having a great time, and had just jumped threads and it was really a lot of fun. I was looking forward to that thread because it was a real freakout time for Gale. *laughs* She'd done something without really thinking about it, and landed herself in a whole heap of weird.

Haley and Kale, both still good. No updates needed there.

Krystol, Leigh, and Shanna need pages. Krys... who knows if I'll get to play her more. The PBEM aspect of that game always seems to pass me by. So I only play at ACUS. And last year, Mike and Ben (Dad & Mom!) didn't come to the convention. I miss her, actually. Although it's been long enough I'm not sure I remember exactly where she was or what she was doing. Well, other than enjoying being married after all the fun it took to get there!

Kylie needs to be removed -- I'm switching Shanna in there. I played Shanna in my first campaign with Frank, and that campaign ended. When he started a new campaign in the same world, I started Kylie. But she doesn't have the same resonance as Shanna (which is odd, since Kylie is far more of a typical "me" character -- bouncing, cheerful, effervescent, innocent). So we're writing Kylie out and Shanna in, which is just WAY cool. I love Shanna.

And Leigh... I've been playing Leigh in SB for a while (met some PCs! whee!) and she's fun. But she doesn't have a theme song, and she's still sort of new in my head somehow, so I don't have a page for her yet. Although right now she's trying to tumble into something that could be a bit of trouble, so she's starting to grow in my head some more.

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