August 20, 2003
jumping out of my skin

Focus in under 7 hours. End of work day in under 4 hrs. Am jumping out of my skin with anticipation.

Neurons fire. I am firmly in writing/gaming space. Hard to drag the brain back to work space. Especially commissions. Mapping commissions between back office systems is not only frustrating, but appears to impossible on a one to one basis. Kept stutter starting on the process. Have determined I can't complete it until Becky's back in the office tomorrow and I can go to her with examples.

Meeting on the Month End Commissions process in 10 minutes. That'll take a little while. Then after that, finish typing up broker payout. If I get that done, I can do the spec for registration renewal. I've got stuff to keep me busy. It's just that staying focused is a bitch right now.

And it's a bad fibromyalgeia day. There are wandering pangs of weird pain all over the place, and it's distracting and driving me nuts. Makes me want to jump up and go for a long walk. Not possible.

I'll be lucky if I don't completely go nuts by the end of the day.

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