August 20, 2003
i'm not bleeding...

*phew* The focus! chat is over, and I'm still breathing, and I'm not bleeding. So it went well. *grins*

I got a lot of really great ideas, and am raring to go on this piece. I need to let it all gel a bit. Some of the ideas were pretty intense changes, but good ones. And I need to figure out how to put it all back together. I suspect eBear will be right -- large chunks of this will be set aside and I'll start with a largely blank paper. Which is daunting.

It is still my goal to have this be a short. Not a novel, not yet. Not until after Dreamwalker is over. Then maybe I can work on it. Hells, in some ways it could be a companion piece (in a completely different location, but in the same almost real world setting). But for now, I just want to find the saleable short story (*fingers crossed*) and well, write it.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me during quiet moments at Torcon. Like while the kids are sleeping, maybe.

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