August 23, 2003
can't win

There are days when I realize... I can't win. Things happen, that's just the way it is.

Friday afternoon we were hammered by a virus at work -- this is utterly rare for us. In fact, first one that's really hit us. But it meant all of IT mobilized to fix the problem. So I lost over a half day of work, at a really critical time when I needed to finish things up. Meaning I was on time in getting ready to go to Torcon, until then. And I'd been working every moment I could just to get that far. *groans*

Last night was date night. That once every six months or so time when Kevin and I actually get a sitter and go out. So we did. Nice dinner at Sam's, an Italian place down in Bethlehem that Kevin's been wanting to take me too for ages. Then a movie out at Crossgates (Pirates of the Carribbean). Then home, exhausted.

Today should've been a good day. We had a LOT to do, since we needed to get all trip prep done today. But... things went haywire. First, both kids are cranky because they stayed up too late last night. We started the day by running errands (can't buy bloody shorts because it is too late in the season!). When we got home, we got the kids fed and tucked into bed for quiet time. Then we went upstairs to do the laundry.

This was when it went downhill. I looked under the edge of the bed, and there was Athena. I thought I'd lost her. Her blood sugar was so low that she was near-comatose and convulsed when I held her. I was panicking, crying and screaming. Kevin brought medical syringe (used for administering oral meds to kids, actually) and filled it twice over with Karo syrup which we got into her. We tried to get her to eat, but even though she was interested, she had too little control over self to do it. I was in a complete panic, and afraid to put her in her cat carrier (and really, too freaked out to drive), so I just cradled Thenie in my arms and climbed into the car, while Kevin rounded up the kids (panicked Ry who he woke up) and shoved them in too and we raced across the Capital District to the emergency vet. By the time we got there, Athena's sugar levels were up to the level of VERY low normal, and she spent an hour or so there eating and getting more sugar via IV injection and then came home. She's sleeping peacefully downstairs now.

So then tonight, the Albacon mailing (not quite done yet) which I haven't had time to do previously. And it's gotta get out. It got started late because we needed to have the whole hotel thing figured out first, and losing our original hotel just made a mess of things. BUt that's straightened out, and we have an idea of how large it can be, so I'm sending it out a good 6 weeks late. *sighs* I'm late on everything these days. It's frustrating. But it seems to be the way life is.

I've got a little relaxing time left tonight, then bed. I'm still exhausted from yesterday (Kev woke us up at 5am because he couldn't sleep anymore). And tomorrow will be another very long day.

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