September 08, 2003
Digging in the Vault

I went digging into the vault buried on my computer and found an ancient copy of "Barefoot in the Kitchen". Not sure if it is the most recent revision, but some of the holes in it are patched.

It is always fascinating to read an old piece of writing. Seeing all the problems. Seeing all the huge holes in the plot (like why the hell *didn't* she hit him with the pot or throw the oil at him? why the bloody hell is she so docile? this all needs more explanation...). But yeah, I still like it. A part of me wonders if the plot is overdone... trite maybe. Hopefully not.

Going to see if I can get this into shape. Got a lot of writing to do. I'm refusing to post anything to the workshop just now, until I get a lot of things out of my system and onto paper (or rather, computer screen). Then I focus on reviewing (after I pull my current subs down). A LOT of catch up, and some paying forward. Then I'll post. I need to get ahead in the reviewing. Work has made me fall too far behind, and I'm feeling horribly guilty about it all.

And the next month isn't likely to be good for me. Since Ethan left, I'm programming. Yes, programming. We're out of Notes programmers, so Wendy and I have split the IR conversion so we can get it done in time. It's a lot of work, but in a strange way I'm looking forward to it. After all, I still love coding. *happy little grins* I spent part of today digging into it, fixing a few forms to add some new, necessary fields. Tomorrow, sometime between the meetings & dr appt, I start the agents. Whee.

But it means my time is less than ever. Unless I work doubletime in the office, or tripletime... eeking out more from every minute than it's sixty second's worth. Because I've got things to do at home too. I've got a family. And responsibilities.

It'll be interesting. Totally in the Chinese proverb way. *sighs*

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Speaking of forgotten writings, what ever became of A Twisted Weave? I check in periodically but no updates. :(


Posted by: tuesday's child on September 9, 2003 03:29 PM
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