September 10, 2003
Head Spinning

Wow. I have offiically eaten way too much sugar and chocolate this afternoon. Started with this wonderful lunch (Fetuccine Danielle down at Lombardos when I went out to lunch with Lloyd and Johnny) and then ate the fudge Meri brought in. My head is spinning! Damn! I'm sitting here, trying to concentrate on work and wondering if this is a good buzz or if it starting to edge into a bad buzz. Like, I can't type quite right -- my typo quotient is pretty damned high.

Gotta get through gymnastics tonight. No work tonight -- not when I don't get home until 8pm as it is. Although I may work *at* gymnastics since it is a time that Audrey and I get to talk. Gotta maximize time availability!

Okay, so I'm brain-fried. Time to go see if the query has finished running and go write another stored procedure against a table I don't have data for yet. *giggles* It's like existentialist coding.

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