September 11, 2003
Brain in a spin

I can tell I've stopped sleeping again.

It's not just that I'm exhausted, yet unable to sleep. No real desire to sleep -- I'm way too antsy.

But my brain's in a spin.

It's hopping from topic to topic. Makes me feel desperate to do something, but unable to latch onto a topic long enough to be productive. I feel like I should be writing, like my neurons are firing so fast and furious that I should be able to produce amazing wordcount.

But no way. My fingers stumble across the keyboard. I can't get the moths that are my thoughts to form coherent patterns.

I want to game... but there aren't player moves to answer. (Except for Jordan's OMG WOW reaction to Ybara but that's temporarily put him sub-verbal so I'd better wait until he finds language again before I type that response). There are GM-moves to answer for RoP (Aren't there always?) but I'm doing the same thing as when I'm writing and my fingers hover over the keyboard, type a letter, erase it, and suddenly I'm over on the blog babbling instead.

Looked at Merri's livejournal. Realized that me and DJ are the only ones who can see most of it. If there's anyone out there that isn't in UTG that wants to see the game sorts of posts, drop me a line and I'll add you to a group and let you see them.

Ok, I've gotta go channel this energy somehow and find something to bloody well write.

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