September 12, 2003
mind wandering

I know, my mind is just way too little to be let out on it's own. But it is insisting. I have time to code, and I forgot what coding is like.

It's like... I get so very focused on what I am doing that at the same time, I get completely unfocused and my brain starts obsessing on other topics. Like Dara's parentage. Or the fact that Damara might well get some if she's not interrupted... Or starting to wander into writing topics, like more Dreamwalker.

This is not to say that I have a moment's time available for any of these things just now! *laughs* Although I can't wait to get Merlin's response to Dara's story. Gods that was hard to write. But it also had that sort of cathartic feel to it as Dara got it off her chest... I mean, that was a long time for her to be unable to say a damned thing to the son she's never gotten to talk to.

Yeah, Dara's turning out to be just perfect for me to play. Managed to get herself just going all in the wrong directions, tried to correct, threw a snit fit and got herself turned around again and got in trouble for it... and now she's doing her best to get back to where she wants to be. She's not young, but she's discovering things for the first time because she's never had that luxury before. It's going to be a blast.

So my brain's distracted. Gaming and coding go together inexorably somehow in my head. It should make for an interesting weekend, since I've gotta spend the weekend reading code!

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