September 12, 2003
weird night, weird mood

I'm not quite bouncing off the walls like last night. More... tired, contemplative, and all kinds of things running through my head.

There's the pain. The fibro's gotten bad today, and my left shoulder is really bad. It doesn't make me real interested in typing, walking, or well, doing much of anything except hoping it stops HURTING. Driving me nuts.

There's the tired. But it's Friday and we kept the kids up late, so I can hope to maybe get to sleep in a little tomorrow.

We went out phone shopping. Kevin made the decision to buy his new phone/Palm (both his old ones are pretty much broken). But we couldn't get it because the Verizon store was out of the phone he wanted. The one on Central Ave is holding one for us to pick up tomorrow, after we go to the Computer Show and pick up an operating system (yes, I really truly have no Win2k install disks) for the computer I have to build for Dani since hers bit the big one while we were on vacation.

Between computer building, Albacon meetings, brunch with friends, and shopping... I have to work this weekend. I have a ton of code to read and things that are due at 8:30am Monday morning. I'd rather get them done before 3am that same morning. *smile*

Then there's the gaming. The problem with having a really good time in a PBEM in an amazing tense scene is that well... sometimes it takes time to get the posts out. Leaving me with Dara bouncing up and down in my head totally impatient to see what happens next (even though there's a good chance it ain't going to be easy on her!). Makes thinking interesting.

Shared brains are not easy on the head. The voices get loud sometimes, and I'm not entirely sure what to do to quiet them down. I've been playing on lintra's LJ where she's got some threads going on. But that's not really helping Dara tone it down, either. *chuckles*

And of course, the logical part of my brain says WRITE tonight. Get it OUT. Do SOMETHING. Yet I just can't seem to settle down enough to do so. Not conducive to being that sort of organizedly creative, I suppose.

Just rambling on and on and on...

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