September 13, 2003

So I've been thinking... as I'm interacting over at lintra's LJ, I'm being Merrideath. I've got two LJs, neither of which updates often. One's the private one... for ranting and raving and babbling about private things I'm not supposed to talk about in a place where I can get it off my chest. So that means it isn't one of my usual peoples in my head -- no trys, no D.. Then there's Merri's place, which is for DJ's game. But I'm starting to feel like if I want to be a community type person either I close down those posts I don't want to have public on my private ID and open that up (even though she doesn't look as much like me) or else I need a me ID.

It's all just thinking so far. Like I have time to keep up another blogging place. *smiles* There's a reason I shut down my food blog and my gaming blog and started doing it all in one place!

I guess I know my limits. I'm just not very good at staying within them.

Posted by Deb Atwood at September 13, 2003 09:27 AM | TrackBack

Michael has an infrequently updated blog and an LJ that he mantains solely to read my friends entries. I write some personal things in my LJ, in part because I can use the friends barrier, and other things, like WISH, on my blog. I have a friend who's a writer who uses her blog for finished pieces and her LJ for scrawly personal bits.

So, lots of reasons for possibly doing both, even if you don't update daily the way I do.

You should tell me your other LJ ID so I can friend you.

Posted by: Ginger on September 13, 2003 09:57 AM

I might get an LJ for the reasons Ginger says Michael has one. It's a pain to keep posting anonymously, too.

Posted by: Paul on September 13, 2003 10:30 AM

LJ is your friiiiiieeeeeeend. :-D Some days I wish everyone would just get an LJ, and post just to that... would significantly cut down on the number of things I check on a daily basis... :-D

But since I know that won't happen... It's still nice to have stuff popping up on a Friends page, where I'm more likely to comment than on a regular Blog, mostly because I get EMAILED if someone responds to a comment, rather than having to track it down and check all the time... which I rarely do.

Posted by: BriAnne on September 13, 2003 11:15 AM

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