September 13, 2003

Okay, so I've got homework. I'm sitting here with two computers running side by side, and my timesheet staring me in the face, and I've gotta go get my keys so I can jack into FAC's network.

This weekend, before I can go to work on Monday, I have to...

  • identify all applications which will need to run parallel during the three day overlap of our two back office systems at the end of October

  • identify a small handful of apps to use for user acceptance after the next mock (which is rapidly approaching)

  • go through all of the new stored procedures and identify where to use entry date and where to use trade full date for each piece of trade information

  • do the same bloody thing in the trades information program since it doesn't use stored procs

  • create a template of the mail database i created for the admins so that they can transfer historical mail into a new archiving software suite

Somehow I think that should all keep me busy. Off to go get those keys. Figure I'll try to knock off the quickest ones first!

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