September 13, 2003
More on LJ...

Been thinking. And thinking and thinking. And well, it's the backburner of my brain, and I'm really doing other things, but I've got enough voices in my head that they're having little meetings and figuring things out without me.

[Gods I sound SO insane.]
[You are.]
[Gee, thanks, like I needed that confirmed.]


I think I'm going to keep my private ID on LJ private. It lets me post in a way that other people could potentially read it (which bizarrely enough is what I'm looking for... I want completely random strangers to read it, so it is... safe... so to speak). I'm also going to create a new LJ to partner with this blog.

I like the Friends view on the LJ system. It is just SO easy to keep up with things that way, and I'm ALWAYS behind on reading people's blogs. Although the logical part of my brain says that that must be the point behind using XML to syndicate a site so I could include it on my own like my own sort of Friends page. Hmph. Maybe I should figure that out eventually. Along with fixing the trackback bug that was pointed out...

[Your spreadsheet finally loaded over the bloody slow line to FAC.]
[Thanks. Better go take care of that. Back in a while.]

Stupid VPN connection is so slow that it keeps hanging on me and I keep having to take breaks from work (I know, poor me).

So, I was thinking. If I do things right, I can probably include either LJ in MT or vice versa. Or both. So that I could at least get people from point A to B easily enough.

Which means?

I'll be starting an LJ for Tryslora later today. So I can be one of the normal "me" type people. Then I have to go find everyone to add to my Friends page.

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