September 14, 2003

Tried a new restaurant last night. The sad part is, it is less than ten minutes from my house and yet in seven years we hadn't been. And it was good.

We had this gift certificate from last Christmas, that was going to expire in a couple of months. We were originally saving it to go out on a date, but all the places we wanted to go to eat on dates weren't on the list for the gift certificate. Then Thursday or so I was driving home and drove by Moscatiellos and remembered that their name was on the list, and they were supposed to be a family restaurant. So we changed plans and took the family out.

We had a really good time. They are definitely family oriented. They brought out pizza dough for the kids to play with, and had crayons. The waiter was attentive (and was tipped well accordingly!). He made sure we really *liked* the food, not just giving lip service to the service part of the deal. And the food was good. I wouldn't say it was the most amazing Italian food I've had in the area, but it was excellent. And for the four of us, the total bill, tip included, was only around $70, which is a good night out, considering we all had dessert and Kevin had wine. The only prices that weren't great were the kids' meals, which were a little more expensive than usual. But we did have leftovers as well, so there is still more food to be eaten!

Overall, a good time, and I'm glad we went. And we'll likely go again.

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