September 17, 2003
Expansion on a theme

The tired, in a funk, bitchiness is NOT gone.

Kev's home sick. He saved himself this morning by getting out of bed (after he'd gotten Dani up and then promptly gone back to bed without lifting another finger) and helping me get the kids out the door. Since he'd not set an alarm for the morning, so I got up a half hour late, and well, if *I* were sick *I* would have to get up and even take the kids to daycare (been there, done that)... it was a good thing he found his inner mommy. I wasn't happy.

Still not.

I'm being unreasonable today.

I didn't want to go to meetings. So my 8:30 was canceled, I should be happy. But it was canceled because they're going to discuss the same things in the 9:00 am. Which I'm not involved in. So I wonder if I'm going to not know what's going on. But then I think if it's important, they'll call me, and then I get all grouchy at the idea of being interrupted. There's no pleasing me today.

It's going to be a long day. I was an hour late to work because of dropping off kids, and I may have to still leave on time, if not early, because Dani has gymnastics and I don't know if I have to pick up and take Ryan too (I'm going to call Kevin later and try to arrange myself out of that particular hell).

By the time evening comes, my energy will be gone, I'll be unable to sleep (as usual) and down. Add in the introspective bullshit that won't leave me alone in my head and you've got the perfect recipe for the perfect day.

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