September 17, 2003
A better end than beginning

Well, the day ends in a better mood than it began, I suppose.

Has it been productive? Depends on which aspect of my life you want to hear about.

Coding was decent. I got results into the database, figured out logic, and I think I'm damned close to being done with that particular agent. Gotta see what comes next after that, other than needing the business units to put some decent data in (I'm testing with crap data at the moment in the test system).

Writing was... non-existent.

Gaming was decent. Wrote moves for the games I'm in, although I need to do another one for Dara. Spoke with another player offline about a side thread for Dara, to keep her distracted (and calm her down some). So that'll be cool... I just need to get that one started, which will involve a long ramble, and I don't think I'm up for it tonight. Dara's main thread with Martin/Merlin/Benedict has ended, and I'm working on transforming that into a log format so I can get it posted. I got the previous logs from Ginger who had already transformed them from posts to coherent text. I'll be sending her this one once it is done. And it's going to be pretty damned long -- 14 pages in Word. Damn.

Family? Well, Audrey worked at home this afternoon because Rachel wasn't feeling well. But she was feeling better lately, although not up for gymnastics. And Kevin was feeling better and was able to pick up Ry so I didn't have to take him to gymnastics and spend an hour chasing him. So we all met for dinner at the little Chinese buffet, which the girls just loved. And it was a relaxing moment of recharge which I so desperately needed. Then Dani and I went to her gymnastics lesson, which went REALLY well tonight. I did some work while watching her, so I even felt productive. And Dani did a very good cartwheel -- she is finally losing her fear of starting to move her feet while she's still moving her hands. She'll be doing so well if she practices. And she is completely comfortable on the beam, just totally at ease, even on the high one. It's pretty cool.

Friends? Well, I've had a lot of revelations about things about myself and my psyche and how I keep screwing up where my friends are concerned. I think I'll keep that bit to myself for the moment. Suffice to say, right now, I'm really not proud of myself, but can't for the life of me figure out how to fix it all. There isn't enough of me to do everything. I'm spread WAY too thin.

Anyway, I've promised myself to get into bed before 11. Preferably by 10:30 but not so sure I'll make that. We'll see.

[Listening to: Make it Last - Stroke 9 - Nasty Little Thoughts (03:58)]

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