September 18, 2003
I musta been tired

Okay, much less bitchy and exhausted today. Still kinda in a funk, but not nearly so bad as earlier this week. It's amazing what a little sleep can do. (And now we begin a new downward spiral which will end in yet another night of sleeping well *smiles*).

But I must've been really out of it last night. This morning Ryan woke up and was crying for his binky. I was ready to roll over when Kevin told me it was my turn. I was like "why?" Apparently, Ryan woke up in the middle of the night and was crying for his binky and *Kevin* got up to fix the problem. I didn't even hear it, didn't move. Wow, I was OUT. I never sleep through things.

Hopefully it was all a good thing. With Isabel moving in, the air has my head and sinuses going nutso. Exceedingly unpleasant. I see a good deal more sleep in my future.

Now if only I can find a realistic report of what sort of weather we'll be expecting up here, and for how long.

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