September 18, 2003
Nice boots

I'm wearing my new boots today. The knee high black leather with 3 inch heels ones. I've got on a black skirt that falls just to the tops of the boots, and it just looks cool. Many many compliments on how well they go together.

It's amazing how new shoes can be just that little kick that makes me smile. Like a new piece of jewelry or something really silly that just makes me say "this is me today". And gods know I can use every little kick I can get.

My favorite quote so far today was when another woman in IT passed me in the hallway, stopped, turned around, and said "You're wearing girl clothes today!" in this incredibly surprised voice. It amused me. I suppose, in retrospect, it is a good thing I'm not easily offended!

It's also funny the associates things get in your head. Like... to me... black leather boots always make me think of m'Lady, whom I miss terribly. Like I said. Nice boots.

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