September 19, 2003
poor Boo

Ry's sick, poor kid. He's been kinda snuffly for a while, and tonight he's just miserable. So I checked his temp, and it's almost 101. So I dosed him up on acetominephin and hopefully he'll sleep more easily. Both of Audrey's kids have been sick, and Kev (although no fever there) this week, so this isn't entirely surprising. Dani'll probably get it too before too much longer.

The hard part is that Dani's fever -- the nastily high one -- has really scarred me. I don't want to go to sleep now -- I'm half afraid that if I don't check him again soon, it might suddenly spike up to horrifying levels like Dani's did a couple months ago. The mere thought terrifies me.

Like Kevin said afterwards, am I going to be afraid for every little fever they get now?

I guess the answer is yes. They are my babies.

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