September 21, 2003
On the list for the day

There are so many choices of things to do...

Like work on IR.
Like clean the dining room.
Like the program book for Albacon.
Like ramble more on LJ about gaming meta-topics.
Like email.
Like write (400 words last night... need to do another 2000 before the chapter's over).
Like read.
Like laundry.
Like relax.

Gods that last one would be nice. *smiles*

I think Albacon and the rambling mixed are what's getting done now. IR can wait until later. And the dining room will be done in an hour or so, when Kevin and I have both put some time into other things. I'm just not up for it yet. I'll work on defrosting dinner and getting ready to smoke a couple of pork tenderloins then too.

Our goal is to eat dinner as a family in the dining room. It's been a while since we have. Life has been tearing everything apart and it is time we re-exerted some small measure of control.

Laundry... that's just a constant. Gotta go check on it every so often since the washer doesn't work quite right. So it takes a good deal more paying attention and babysitting than I'd like. But well, at least I can do other things in between times.

With any luck, it can be a productive day. I think that all depends on how long the kidlets stay snoozy.

[Listening to: Sunny Day - Leah Andreone - alchemy (04:07)]

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