September 21, 2003

Okay, so now I'm dehydrated. I can feel it, and I'm sweating which only makes it worse.

On the other hand, cleaning the dining room HAD to count for exercise. I had to work hard at that.

BUT... the dining room has been excavated out from under most of the piles of crap and tonight we can manage to eat as a family. That's assuming I get the pork tenderloins defrosted and smoked, and the white rice and veg and everything done. Kev's finishing up the kitchen now.

Gods willing we can keep this up.

We are desperate to find something we can keep under control. Some days it seems like everything is falling apart, no matter what we do. Which only makes it worse.

Speaking of control, Kev has said he will buy me cute sexy clothes if I can manage a body to go with them. Incentive. That along with daydreaming of a tattoo, more ear piercings, and the mental image of walking into a room and seeing people go "wow". None of which is likely to happen as long as I find myself snacking, or not having a kitchen or any consistency in my eating.

I've got things planned through Tuesday so far. Tonight is smoked pork tenderloin, white rice, and some sort of a veg (tbd). Tomorrow is fried rice, using the leftovers from the rice and pork. Tuesday is a pot roast (the roast is already in the fridge to defrost). That way I can swap schedules with Kev and come home late on Tuesday but food will not be a huge deal. Otherwise it'd be takeout time. Which is how far too much of the summer... hells, the past year... has gone.

[Listening to: Thank You - Sister Hazel - Fortress (03:21)]

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